About our product

Decrease level of stress, anxiety and depression

By combining VR technology with videos of specially selected and scientifically evaluated natural landscapes, REALEX decreases levels of stress, anxiety and depression, while at the same time stimulating mental relaxation.

Beside some doubtless advantages of a growing digitization of society, it also brings constant mental overload and exhaustion, which have to be addressed in order to prevent development of more serious mental problems.

What can you achieve with REALEX?

REALEX decreases the level of stress without compromising a rhythm of life.

Everyone is affected

In spite of high stress levels in our contemporary society and their negative consequences for working as well as private lives, only few people can decrease their stress level to the point when stress does not harm their mental and physical well-being. Most, unfortunately, have to deal with multiple tasks on a daily basis, while carrying a high level of responsibility. Accompanied with multiple deadlines, this rhythm increases stress, which can lead to mental exhaustion, burnouts and reduced productivity.

Relaxation is hard to find

Even in those cases where work brings emotional and financial satisfaction, it is inevitably accompanied by physical and mental tiredness, lack of spare time and the inability to accomplish everything.

At some point weekends, which are too short, and vacations, which pass too fast, become not enough to compensate for the stress accumulated throughout the years.

Daily relaxation moments

By means of a virtual reality mechanism inserted into compact glasses, REALEX turns long-awaited relaxation moments from a once-a-year experience into a daily opportunity, which steadily unloads the mind, makes it feel rested, calmed and stress-relieved. More with every day of use.

Efficient stress management tool

With REALEX working as an efficient stress management intervention tool, there is no need for taking time off work, for  postponing meetings and deadlines. In moments when stress makes dealing with the regular tasks harder, all that is needed to be done is to lean back in a chair, putting on the REALEX  and decide where a next short, but so-real trip will be – a secluded beach at the sea side, green mountains or a quiet forest.

REALEX helps you to deal with stress and mental overload

REALEX can be used as an efficient intervention tool helping to deal with stress and mental overload.

With its fast proven efficiency and compact design, REALEX can be used practically anywhere, whether in an apartment, an office or in the middle of a big city.