For companies

Creating Shared Value with REALEX

REALEX can be used by companies as one of the elements, that creates a shared value – both for an employer and its employees. By helping its employees to deal with stress and mental overload, an employer can on the one hand stimulates its staff’s work productivity, while on the other hand achieving a higher level of satisfaction with the working environment and helping its employees to maintain a healthier work-life balance.

Benefit long-term from new technologies

By adopting new management approaches and advancing their technologies, companies can significantly benefit from their innovations long term.

Success of a company is no longer defined solely by its financial gain, but also by the level of it´s social responsibility. Societal needs, when left unmet, can lead to significant internal costs, expressed either in terms of financial, human or reputation loss for a company.

Building an employer brand with REALEX

Why employer branding matters

Employer branding is recognized to be one of the core challenges of companies in the modern world. The creation of an employer brand, that is attractive to potential top candidates, is a complicated goal – a company needs not only to attract the best people, but also make them want to stay.

In order to achieve this goal, the right brand has to be built – the one painting the company not only as innovative, modern and employee-oriented, but one that also goes in alignment with its true corporate culture and identity. The employer brand helps employees to understand why they should work for you.

Winning the War for Talents

As the role of digital technologies today is higher than ever, building an employer brand that is attractive for knowledgeable, progressive and high performing employees is impossible without incorporation of digital aspects in organizational processes and culture.

By providing employees with an opportunity of on-spot relaxation by means of latest digital technologies, combined in REALEX, an employer commits to the well-being of his employees and contributes to creation of an employer brand, that is associated with contemporary, yet caring corporate culture.

Higher results due to loyal and satisfied employees

Loyal and satisfied employees that know that their company cares, tend to generate much higher results.

By investing in the well-being of one of their main stakeholders, employees, companies lay a foundation for their long-lasting stability and prosperity.