Scientific-based content

REALEX is based on scientific studies

The choice of video content for REALEX and the assessment of its efficiency, is based on the results of several scientific studies with multiple participants from different countries.

The efficiency of REALEX content and technology were assessed in regards to emotions it caused in the participants, as well as in regards to REALEX ability to decreases levels of anxiety, depression and stress.

What causes stress at the working place?

Main work-related stressors

Harmful stress effects on corporate employees

In order to asses the current level of stress load 52 male and female employees were asked to assess how often they feel stressed and why.

The results of the survey showed that 58% of the participants felt frequently or even constantly stressed, 38% reported an occasional stress load, and only 4% reported a never occurring stress level.

Overall 94% of respondents reported that they see work-related issues as the main source of stress.

64.5% of the respondents reported that they are willing to use REALEX during their breaks in office, as an opportunity of on-spot relaxation.

Here you can find a full version of the research

Effective reduction of stress, anxiety and depression

An experiment was conducted with participation of 22 female and 30 male volunteers from Germany, Austria, and Croatia aged 23 to 58 years.

All participants were provided with the questionnaires*, aimed at assessing the levels of their stress, anxiety depression and relaxation, before and after the use of REALEX.

REALEX effects

Level of anxiety among the participants reduced by 30%.

Results of the conducted experiment with the use of REALEX showed reduction of stress level by 37.9% with simultaneous increase of relaxation by 29.6%.

Level of depression dropped down by 24%.

Comparison of REALEX effect vs. video streaming

In order to estimate REALEX efficiency, a similar range of comparative tests with on-line video streaming were arranged.

The participants were offered to assess their emotions after using REALEX and after watching the equivalent content via video streaming on YouTube platform. Levels of stress and relaxation were assessed using VAS- and DASS-based questionnaires*

In spite of no differences in the presented content (same length, similar landscapes with similar audio recording), the participants demonstrated a higher level of relaxation and a lower level of stress after using REALEX in comparison with the conventional video platform.

* The questionnaires were based on Visual Analogue Scale (VAS; Gross & Levenson, 1995) and Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS-21; Lovibond & Lovibond).

Basing on the results of a conducted study and having applied VR technology, we created a set of 360° videos with natural landscapes, which help to achieve maximum relaxation efficiency